The Réseau des Femmes (Women’s Rural Development Network) is a large-sized NGO based out of Kigali. Réseau des Femmes works to contribute and support the empowerment of rural women and girls in Rwanda to elevate their status within their communities and promote women’s active participation in helping to transform their lives and create positive change in their communities. Réseau des Femmes believes that through their work, women can become important vectors of change that will have strong, positive, and lasting impacts on Rwanda’s sustainable development goals.

Project Specifics


As a technical adviser for Le Réseau des Femmes, Emma is going to support the organization from Uganda by :


  • Aiding to review organizational mobilization and communication strategies
  • Reviewing documentation for stakeholders
  • Translating important documents into English


Moreover, Emma will lead workshops about Gender Based Violence during her work in Africa. Le Réseau des Femmes will attempt to these workshops, as well as other Ugandan and Rwandan organisations staff.

Upcoming Projects


Peacebuilding through economic reinforcement among female small business owners with economic ventures that facilitate trade across borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The objectives are to contribute to a more inclusive society alongside DRC and to foster a lasting peace in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.