What is the Support Group?

The Support Group consists of people who are interested in supporting our projects and in learning more about our life in Uganda and the work we will doing with our respective local partner NGOs. We will be sending out newsletters (in addition to our blogs) to keep you posted on our different activities and accomplishments.


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For those members of our support group who wish to make financial contributions to our projects, you can find out how to donate on this page.  These funds will be used to finance the associated costs of the placement and projects where we will be working.


Finally, you can help us out by sharing this site with your friends and family, as well as hitting “LIKE” on our Facebook page. We want to spread the word about what development projects we are working with and create awareness around the issues facing Ugandans.

How do I join the Support Group?

Nothing could be easier! All you need to do is subscribe using the form below and you will receive news about our projects through our newsletters.

How can I donate?

Your financial contributions are invaluable and necessary to the success of our projects and the work we will be doing in partnership with HANDLE Uganda, Advance Afrika and Eirene Suisse.


No amount is too small! We appreciate every contribution!


To make a donation, you may send funds directly to Eirene Suisse. The easiest way to do this is through our project page on Eirene’s site, to use PayPal,

Donate with PayPal


or you can send funds directly to the following account:



1200 Genève

IBAN: CH93 0900 0000 2300 5046 2


Mention: Gaëtan et Emma


We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Where does the money go?


The whole amount of donation is used to cover the fees of our voluntary work. Donations finance mostly our housing in Uganda, flight tickets as well as our basic spending to ensure a simple lifestyle but enough to conduct our projects.


In case of budget overrun, any additional donation will be used to found projects of our local partners, in agreement with Eirene.


Bertrand Morisod SA
Jean-François Bidaud
Michèle & Pierre-Alain Bidaud
Bernadette & Christian Bidaud
Fabienne & Nicolas Marclay
Christine Aymon
Raoul Panchard
Frances & Frank McGeachy
Laura Deladoey
Henry Philippe
Véronique & Fabrice Zuchuat
Aline & Christophe Uldry
Sandrine Roch
Esther & Jean-Didier Roch
Samuel Barman
Jérémie Monnay
Christina Blatter
Malaurie Coutaz
John Briquet
Vanessa Coutaz
Samir Archi
Mélina & Pierre Menezu-Donnet-Descartes
Agnès Vouilloz
Pascale & Josy Coutaz-Puippe
Sandrine Bidaud
Brigitte Bidaud
Jessica & Fred Aebi
Pasc'Alimentation Sàrl
Marlène Donnet-Descartes
Denis Roch