Eirene Suisse has been actively working in the Great Lakes region of Africa since 2001. The focus of its efforts in the region are directed toward peacebuilding and the promotion of human rights through development initiatives.


The aim of Eirene Suisse is to provide support to and valorise dynamics promotin peace and human rights in developing countries. This work is achieved by the establishment of partnerships with local Non-Government Organizations (NGO).


Eirene Suisse specializes in a unique approach to development through international cooperation projects that see an exchange of qualified individuals as volunteers. Eirene sends volunteers to developing regions where they will put their skills to use as in the local partner organization(s).


The exchange of personnel is a novel way of promoting development in Rwanda in the spirit of mutual and shared learning while respecting the region’s autonomy.

About Gaëtan’s Role

In conjunction with his work with Advance Afrika, Gaëtan will also be serving as Eirene Suisse’s local coordinator for the Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Uganda, Demcratic Republic of Congo and Burundi). His primary responsibilities include :


  • Welcome, support and evaluate Eirene’s volunteers in the region
  • Represent Eirene in the Great Lakes Region of Africa
  • Reinforce and extend Eirene’s network of regional NGOs and institutional stakeholders
  • Analyze the local context