Advance Afrika is a registered not-for-profit non-governmental organisation which aims at contributing to a safe and free society that upholds the dignity of every person. The NHO gives priority to innovative approaches of creating opportunities for sustainable sources of livelihood through life skills and entrepreneurship development in order to foster resilience among vulnerable people and social justice in Uganda. Advance Afrika works with vulnerable youth, including, but not limited to, prison inmates and ex-inmates whom it assists by supporting them with knowledge and skills to develop decent enterprises and/or expand their already existing businesses. At the same time, Advance Afrika promotes relationships between citizens and authorities in order to improve reciprocal understanding and trust and further enhance the principles of transparency, responsibility, accountability and participation.

Projets en cours

Gaetan’s work

As a technical adviser for Advance Afrika, Gaëtan’s mains tasks are the following:


  • Undertake a case study of 100 beneficiaries of the mentorship in entrepreneurship programme in order to identify reasons for success and failures and improve efficiency of projects
  • Actively participate to the development of on-going projects and the elaboration of new projects
  • Strengthen Advance Afrika’s communication
  • Support Advance Afrika’s staff and strengthen their skills in various fields
  • Participate to the redaction of reports and publications for founders and stakeholders
  • If needed, participate to the redaction of funding requests and proposal for new projects