Who are we?


A sociologist by training who specializes in criminology, with expertise in violence against women, it comes as no surprise then that Emma is fascinated by societies and the rich diversity of cultures that populate our world. She has had the opportunity to apply her skills in an array of areas including working for a national research team on sexual violence in Canada, helping to improve provincial health care, and teaching English in rural Thailand.


Over the years, she has nurtured her passion for contributing what she can to help make the world a better place. She is interested in and moved by issues and influential factors related to social disparities, gender inequalities, and injustices. She is particularly touched by gender inequalities that exist in every country in the world. These injustices can be even more pronounced among the most disadvantaged populations in developing countries.


She is elated to be joining a team of motivated and inspiring people who are working to change the status of women in rural areas of Uganda and to continue to support the movement that sees rural Ugandan women rise.


Economist by training and teacher, he has had the chance to travel the world extensively and open his heart to new experiences. As a result, he want to put his skills to work in service of an NGO in Uganda to contribute to the reduction of inequalities and poverty. For him, working in the field of peace promotion directed at youth in the Great Lakes region of Africa is a formidable opportunity to contribute what he can.


Thanks to Eirene, international cooperation by the exchange of skilled people provides him the opportunity for deep cultural immersion. This three year engagement will surely be full of challenges that he is excited to face. He hopes that his modest contributions will have a positive impact on rural Ugandan communities and he his convinced that this experience will be rich in personal lessons.


 He is happy to be able to live this experience in the company of his partner as we know that things are more beautiful when they are shared.