Introducing… The Formidable GWED-G

It is my pleasure to announce that I have been given the opportunity to double-down on impacts by offering my support in working with another organization based in Gulu: Gulu Women’s Economic Development & Globalization (GWED-G).

GWED-G is a women’s empowerment organization focused on promoting human rights and gender equality throughout post-conflict Northern Uganda, and based here in Gulu. Founded in 2004 by a vivacious and unrelenting feminist activist and current Executive Director, Pamela Angwech, GWED-G aims high. Pamela’s lofty goals shoot for total equality between and among men and women of Uganda. In 2017, she won the EU Human Rights Defender Award as voted by the EU Commission due to her tireless efforts to advocate for women and vulnerable groups[1].

GWED-G is a powerhouse and renown in the region for keeping its focus on actual improvements in the everyday person’s lived experiences. It is the singular women’s and girls’ local organization in the north. Working from grassroots to government, GWED-G focuses on a plethora of dimensions related to improving the quality of life of men and women, boys and girls. These include:

  1. Promoting and protecting human rights and gender equality
  2. Livelihoods and food security – particularly women’s and youth’s economic empowerment
  3. Improving health – especially HIV prevention, maternal and child health, and sexual and reproductive health
  4. Peace building and conflict resolution – focusing on women’s land rights and tackling sexual and gender based violence
  5. Youth empowerment
  6. Advocacy and education – amplifying voices of the marginalized and minorities

Besides their projects on the ground, GWED-G also leads or sits at several coalitions and network of NGOs involve in women empowerment and human rights, like the Northern Uganda Human Rights Project and the Women Human Rights Defenders Network.

Women Human Rights Defenders Network

I continue to carry out support of HANDLE Uganda with their project on combatting sexual and gender based violence in Nwoya. In extending my support to GWED-G as Gender Advisor, I hope to amplify the impact of my work here in Uganda to build institutional capacity to promote gender equality and progress towards the end of discrimination of vulnerable women and girls.